Rangers Transfer Gossip And Rumours

Over the coming months there will be an endless quantity of names linked with transfers to Rangers, mainly fueled by the press and most will come to nothing.

Already names are popping up, here are a few mentioned in the past week.

Andy Webster – permanant deal????
David Healy – Age: 27; current team: Leeds; Position: forward
Bosko Balaban – Age: 28; current team: FC Brugge; Position: forward
Zurab Khizanishvili – Age: 25; current team: Blackburn; Position: defender
Petter Hansson – Age: 21; current team: SC Heerenveen; Position: defender



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  1. Nicol James McKechnie

    Pascal Feindouno – 26 year old Saint-Etienne midfielder looking to join up with close friend Jean-Claude Darcheville at Rangers. Saint-Etienne are asking for £4m but it is thought that Libor Sionko could be used in a trade deal.

    Lee McCulloch, 28, of Wigan Athletic almost definitely joining this summer. Scotland international midfielder hoping to rejoin Walter Smith at Ibrox.

    Steven Naismith also looks like a dead cert to link up with former teammate Kris Boyd at Ibrox. It is thought that the 20 year old Kilmarnock striker has a £1.4m release clause and Rangers are leading the chase.

    Paul Konchesky, of West Ham United, could be set to join the Gers after a bust up with manager Alan Curbishly. Rangers could seal a bargain with Konchesky supposedly leaving for £500,000.

    FC Bayern Munchen’s Peruvian forward Claudio Pizarro is out of contract and Rangers have offered him a record £45,000 a week contract. However, Juventus look set to sign him after offering 60,000 a week.

  2. whitaker deal almost done

    killie mulling over rangers offer for naismith if gers dont get thn fowler next option

  3. jamie

    alan smith will sign for rangers in the next few days.

  4. big baz

    rangers are now a laughing stock.getting outbid by celtic for every player we go for.to make a 400000 bid for naismith is pathetic.david murray why bring in managers like paul le guen and walter smith and fling coppers at them.david go now you spend more money on buying wine groves these days.whers is the 18 million from jjb 12 million from champions league and 7 million from last years uefa cup.murray you are a liar

  5. big baz

    murray must go. you are a liar.a fraudster.you have done nothing for rangers in 7 years you miserable cheat

  6. callum

    ok first of all rangers could’nt afford alan smith lee mcholloh or wot eva hes name is total bullocks i’ve scored more goals than him and im a goalie and bloddy hell just sign naismith and whittaker already rangers gotta stop putting these sissy bids in for them and get it over and done with before celtic who play with money and not heart i may say get them (like they got scott brown he went for the money not the passion for the game because hes a gers supporter

  7. callum

    hey dont talk like that baz he has helped a bit behind the scenes he slashed most the debt off (from the advocat reign) and thats alot of debt he is making ibrox bigger so more fans can watch from the stands and be amazed by the atmosphere

  8. callum

    hey dont bag walter baz he has brought rangers back to life and hes done nothing but good for rangers and so he is getting old this will give us enough time to find a good young manager and naaisith is ten times betta than the mcoulugh guy naismith got more goals in one season than what he has got hes whole cararer

  9. callum

    tell ya who would be good signing (what rangers could afford) that young west ham defender konshecy or what ever ive seen him play a few times and he played quiet will in that left back postion

  10. Jonesy

    I hope rangers get their act together in the next week or so and sign beasley, cuellar and naismith. You will get them for 700K ,2.5M and 2M respectively. come on murray what is just over 5M to a man with a 750M personal fortune. Start investing in the team again or leave!!!!!!

  11. Jonesy

    Also, forget the signing of lee mcculloch. he is terrible!! I would also try really hard to offload sionko as there are a few teams in france wanting him. Plus id look to move on svensson (if we get webster) and sebo (if we get naismith)

  12. Johnny

    Im fed up listening to so-called Rangers fans dissing Murray and all he has done for the club. Baz has obviously has amnesia as Murray has done a huge amount for the club. PLG was hailed as a coup. Murray gave him money which he spent on duds. Smith saved the team from further embarrassment and is looking to the future. We have minimal debt and are looking to expand the stadium. Murray isnt a bottomless money pit, and if Baz wants to invest huge amounts in the squad, get the cash from the money tree in your back-garden.

  13. Jonesy

    ok johnny fair point that murray might not be a bottomless pit of cash, but no one can deny that rangers needs some serious amount of cash put into the 1st team squad. And if murray doesnt have the capabilities to do that then he should sell up to some one who will inject serious revenue into the club. I am sick of so-called rangers fans who are happy to accept that their club is in dire straights on the playing front so much so they can only scrabble around for bargain basement buys. Thats not good enough for the mighty glasgow rangers

  14. Johnny

    I agree that Rangers need investment in the first team, and also agreed with the management when they said they need around 7 players who are capable of going straight into the 1st team. Murray has the capability to invest in the team, but currently, no-one outside the club has any idea how much is available for Walter to spend on players. So lets wait and see who comes in. I dont accept the state the club is in at all, but its nothing like the bad-ole-days in the early 80’s which was shocking and after living through that, Murray should be applauded for all he has done. Prso was a bargain-basement bosman was he not?

  15. callum

    players rangers need to get rid of and not sign

    1: alan hutton he is one of rangers best players and thats bad but he is still a flop who i dont no how made the scottish national team

    2: buffel he was good for acouple of season but is getting worst and worst every game we could get some serouis cash from him aswell (rangers gotta sell him before he gets to bad is worth nothing

    3: hemdani: same as bufel

    4: sebo is he a boxer or a wrestler dont no well he plays football as bad as both put him back to were ever he came from

    5: sionko/svensson: first of all svensson to over rated and up he self i think (he may come good when he comes older but he has to stop thinking first team and learn from weir) sionko just a flop

    more later

  16. Jonesy

    callum I think you are wrong about alan hutton. he is the most improved player at ibrox in recent times and was deserving of his scotland cap. hes the best right back in the country right now along with whittaker. Also how can you justify rangers getting rid of someone who was voted rangers players’ player of the year (hemdani)? he has had an excellent season and is always calm on the ball. fantastic player to have!!! i agree with the rest of the players you mentioned though

  17. callum

    yer maybe a little harsh on hemdani but standing my ground with comment i made hutton sure he has improved but he to inconsestint i would rather have whittaker to be honest do ypu guys reckon rangers should sign naismith

  18. Jonesy

    i definately think rangers should sign naismith, id be very disappointed if he moved to celtic. i think with him up front along side boyd and darcheville we would be a formidable team this season

  19. Lithium

    We need quality signings like fowler and alan smith,we need to stop penny pinching and splash the cash.

  20. callum

    he betta not go to celtic or thats it fir rangers if they cant out bid celtic then whats the point of bidding all

  21. Johnny

    We have to look at the bigger picture. We need around 6 or 7 players capable of playing in the 1st team so we cant afford to get involved in a bidding war with Celtic who need fewer players and seem to have more money to spend. Forget the “they spend a fiver, we spend a tenner” mantra… I am becoming very concerned at the lack of movement in the transfer market…. Pre-season and qualifiers are looming large…. Mon the Gers

  22. Jonesy

    i wouldnt worry about the apparent lack of movement in the transfer market. walter likes to keep his business private and always has done. We will sign beasley soon, probably mcculloch (although i dont want him) and hopefully naismith and cuellar. They are now talkin about konchesky who i wouldnt mind seeing at ibrox

  23. callum

    yeh but i want 2 c sir murray put in another 5-7 millon to help bolster the squad because he can afford it trust me he can he does’nt choose to because he is scared of the advocat reign were he pretty much took half of sir murrays fortune

  24. callum

    has any 1 seen that darchiville guy play is he any good?

    i reckon rangers should sign beasley
    i saw him play 4 psv man city and usa acouple of time and he play brillant if i was walter i would make him my no 1 signing

  25. Murray is playing us for mugs hes banking all the money getting ready to sell up,hes the one who put us 80 million in debt in first place because he writes the cheques,so dont swallow this crap about the 50 million he wrote of for us cause i think hes got another 30 to give us to even it up.good riddance to him i say and get some real money men in who will finance signings.

  26. colin mchale

    Leave David Murray alone, he is the main man, behind the scences at Rangers. He has brought a huge amount of success to this club. In addation to this i have heard a rumour that Mr Bain and Co are about to unviel two dramatic signings, which will rock scottish football. The word on the street is that Rangers will have MaKaay from Bayern Munich and Riise from Liverpool playing for them next season. So it is not all doom and gloom my fellow bears !!!!!!!!!

  27. Please walt, dont sign mcCulloch – hes old fat no pace nothing in his game except heading!!!

    Sign healy, naismith, webster, konchesky, a right back and a fast left winger like lovenkrands but that can pass and cross

  28. colin mchale

    Steady Mason, McCulloch has got a wealth of experience from playing in England that would stand him in good stead in our European campaign this year. Frankly, I think it is essential that we remain patient with Walter and Martin Bain, they will deliver the high profile players we deserve, such as, McCulloch, Naismith, Makaay and Riise. Furthermore, the fact that many Rangers fans slag David Murray suggests that these people must have short memories. After all, we won nine in a row!!!!!!!!!
    Finally brothers lets think about the future and the success that lies ahead for our team.

  29. Jonesy

    colin you really need to be realistic here. there is no way rangers will sign makaay and riise. they offered pizarro 45K a week and that was still not enough. riise must already be on at least that and makaay could demand more. to be honest i dont rate makaay anymore and we dont need riise as we have stevie smith who is a future captain in the making i reckon. I think the only people we will sign before the end of the window is beasley, naismith (hopefully) and maybe cuellar. i think mcculloch is a done deal almost which is a bad thing as he is crap

  30. colin mchale

    Jonesy m8, Smith and Bain have a short list of expeienced players that they will try to bring to Ibrox. The Makaay rumour has been doing rounds for months and as far as Makaay not being the playeer he once was is true. However, he can bring a wealth of CL exprience, which will be useful in developing the young guns at Rangers now. Moreover, he is capable of scoring a barrow load of goals in the SPL. The problem for us is that we lack the funds to bring in top class expensive players, so we have to look at Bosmans and also take into account players who will be leaving their clubs this summer, for example Riise.

  31. callum

    riise would be a good signing doubt we would get him makaay is well past hes sell by date he would only bring merchandise to the team not skill or talent riise would be good hes a rock solid player
    naismith beasley konshkey should sign for some youth

  32. callum

    it would be good to get a new chairmen with lots and lots with money some billonaire from amercia who would spend silly 🙂 and then get a new chairmen when that blillonaire amercian loses all he money thsats my dream

  33. Jonesy

    The main problem raangers have is that they are scottish! we play in a poor league and cant attract the top players which was evident in the pizarro case. the truth is makaay could easily play for another top european team and the same goes for riise, so why would they choose rangers. we will have to continue to scrabble around for bosmans until someone comes in willing to splash the cash. i have just read that rangers are being priced out of a move for lee mcculloch as they want 2.5M. a sign that rangers really have tightened the purse strings

  34. azza bear

    riise and makaay would never even dream of joining rangers it is a huge step down in class

  35. azza bear

    riise and makaay would never even dream of joining rangers it is a huge step down in classnaismith should be our main target

  36. colin mchale

    I hope that Rangers have all their new players in place for the pre-season. It is of vital importance that we start our European and league campaign strongly. Overall, it would be fair to suggest that Walter and Ally must have a successful season in charge or i fear that our Rangers cohorts will start to turn against these two legeneds.

  37. Alan

    theres absolutely no chance of rangers attracting a player of Riise’s calibre. When we cant even stump up enough cash for someone like Scott McDonald you know its a sad day! One player who is consistently overlooked and underrated is Julien Brellier. He would be a great Rangers signing, holding the midfield letting Fergie get forward and do what he does best. He always performed admirably amidst the turmoil at Hearts and lets not forget…a FREE agent!just the type of player those penny pinching suits like!!

  38. Jonesy

    i think that if rangers somehow managed to pull of the signing of julien faubert it would be a massive coup as he will no doubt move onto the premiership for a very healthy amount of money. with him on one side and beasley on the other you worry where wee burkey may fit in.

  39. callum

    burkeys got class but no where near in the ranks as beasley and faurbert. faurbert is very very good he is the kind of player we need and he is better than brown but still rangers should of brought brown and breiler guy his fast but nowhere near as good enough even for the rangers first team

  40. Jonesy

    according to todays evening times (glasgow) paper rangers are poised to snap up the 5 players they have been following for the last few weeks in naismith, cuellar, mcculloch, beasley and faubert for around 10 million in total. apparently there has always been that amount waiting to be used on walters most wanted signings. they were just keeping it quiet. come on the gers!!!

  41. Johnny

    Why are we worried about where Burke will fit in? Whats he done lately apart from keep the treatment table warm. I think the Faubert thing is just noise to appease the fans and do we really need a 5 million pound winger? We need an attacking midfielder, central defender, left back, wingers and another striker.. oh aye and a backup goalie. So no point in spending half the budget on a French winger, unless he is gonna pull 25 goals a season…. I have a funny feeling we are going back to the PLG system of 4-3-3 which was great at the beginning of last season. We played some fantastic forward-going football but failed at the back. Boyd and 2 attacking forwards, current midfield and a strengthened defence. Our midfield looks good but not attacking enough as they are all sitting or defensive players. Murray, Smith, McCoist and Bain have my trust till i see the signings and how the team fits/plays together.

  42. Jonesy

    i disagree, I think we do need a winger who is of genuine quality and there is no doubting faubert is class. and that costs money. Novo aint a winger and neither is adam. beasley would slot in on the left and then faubert would be on the right. according to sources we have around 10million to spend so i would spend 5 on faubert, 2 on cuellar, 700K on beasley and 2 on naismith. wouldnt bother with mcculloch

  43. callum

    i agree we need that faubert guy with beasley in the wing ill show you i think would be good formation


    smith whitaker/culler

    ehugih or wot eva

    beasley adam faubert

    boyd darchville


  44. callum

    i reckon rangers should buy faubert he is absoult class he is and im telling the truth one of the best wingers in the world right now so 5 millon would be a bargain

    mchooloholho guy put him in celtic or something so they have 200000 strikers

  45. Jonesy

    callum, i dont understand your proposed team selection. hemdani will not sit on the bench after being players player of the year. he is an integral part of the team. robinson will be away on loan all season so graeme smith is the new 2nd choice goalkeeper. Also if naismith signs he wont be on the bench. I reckon a front 3 of naismith, boyd and darcheville is more likely. If this is the case he wont play both faubert and beasley. he is more likely to play ferguson, hemdani and one of the wingers with either darcheville or naismith helping out dropping deeper than boyd. also where is whittaker coming from? rangers wont go for him

  46. Jonesy

    well with beasley snapped up for 700K and svensson offloaded for the same amount that should still leave us with around 10million to play with. I would offer 5.5M for faubert and hope for the best, give killie the 1.5M they are wanting for naismith and offer 2.5M for cuellar. then if bordeaux want more for faubert offer 6M as gers will have saved some money not going for mcculloch. plus if we can get rid of sionko for maybe a 1M then we could still get mcculloch if we need to. sorted!!!!

  47. callum

    mcholoooh will not be welcomed at ibrox he is slow fat and cant shoot for poo we may aswell keep novo as he is better and we can sve some money aswell i think youre wrong more people would rather adam on than hemdani and put the two wingers on who are both got more class than hemdani and havent u seen the links whitaker nearley clinched a move like a month or so ago and hes betta than hutton

  48. Jonesy

    Im telling you whittaker is off the radar. there is no move happening there. smith has his sights on his final 4 signings. And you cannot compare beasley and faubert if he moves to hemdani. there roles in the team are completely different. hemdani’s job is to hold the ball up, break up any attacks and keep everything calm which he does excellently. So to say you would rather have a winger on, who couldnt do his job, than him is ridiculous. I admit walter will have a selection headache on his hands as he has kevin thompson to deal with as well.

  49. callum

    oh yeah forgot about him err were would he fit in?
    id rather walter play a more attacking formation and make ehuigoh play a litle more forward than the rest of the defenders so he can hold the ball up

  50. I want us to sign cuellar hes a beast of a man and these reports about us needing a left back? why? steven smith is brilliant.Plus i would like to see us buy a big name forward.Oh and can somebody come out and tell us if andy webster is bought or not.Come on gers buy faubert and a big name forward and we will win the league back.

  51. Jonesy

    well i hate to disappoint but sources say that another club has came in for faubert and their offer has been accepted by bordeaux. It remains to be seen if faubert listens to what they have to say as he is set on a move to gers. I dont think we need a big name forward lithium. if we get naismith id be happy with boyd, naismith and darcheville. i think they want a left back as cover for smith as he is struggling for fitness. Also we havent bought webster as we are taking him on loan again until january so they have time to sort out his dispute with hearts. Also callum why on earth do you want to play ehiogu at all? he is terrible!! id play webster and weir unless we get cuellar which is looking unlikely

  52. callum

    horpefully rangers ncan out bid this unknown club

  53. callum

    jonesy trust me m8 whitaker is set 4 gers he loves the place ired the and send thats were he wants 2 be for the rest of hes career and said he wouldnt mind being a benchman

  54. Johnny

    Smith is out till at least the beginning of the season if not more, so cover required. Papac can play there as can Adam. Dont see anyone putting Papac in the centre as he strolled through his initial games under PLG and could yet turn out to be a good acquisition. Lowing could come in as cover for Hutton. Hemdani a definate starter for me with Fergueson, but we need someone in front who can attack. Faubert good with supply and tackles but not a goal scorer. Need a Prso who can attack, hold the ball and go forward and score in support of Boyd..

    Oh aye. Another bug bear of mine… Lay off Boyd. Quality striker…… Top league scorer again this season no probs..

  55. CHRIS

    an easty way to solve our striker problem is buy DAVID HEALY, proved he can score goals against the best in the world for northern ireland, and not only will he be a success for the team but also off the pitch rangers would make a fortune in shirt sales etc as he is a hero in Northern Ireland

  56. Jonesy

    i agree that boyd should be left to do his job which he does excellently. and as for faubert not being a goalscorer johnny, maybe you should look on you tube. he is an amazing finisher and can strike from distance. Callum there is no way whittaker has told the press that he would come to rangers and be happy to be a benchman. i wouldnt want a player at gers who is happy to settle for that. shows no committment and that they are just there for the money

  57. callum

    wot eva hutton poo i dont care any more i just want faubert 2 sign with naismith and culler then we can fight 4 a title get rid of sebo,sionko,svensson,murray

  58. Jonesy

    callum where have you been for the last week. svensson has left the club already. he went to french ligue 1 newcomers caen for 700K. i would agree we should get rid of sionko and murray, but only lose sebo if naismith signs. i think the cuellar deal is looking more unlikely. apparently martin bain has been in europe the last week working on 2 deals which have not been released to the media. Possibly in anticipation that the faubert deal may fall through. I wont believe the faubert deal will happen until he is paraded at murray park.

  59. rangers-mad

    faubert is off to west ham for 6m so if were not gettin him why not offer 2m for naismith and try and get cuellar cos hes not a bad player we need a new centre half neway coz weir and ehiougu are getting old and svensson has left so he would be a great addition to the squad but i dnt want to see faubert go to west ham bcoz he is a quality player

  60. rangers-mad

    and i dunno what use r on above ever since smith and mccoist has came hutton has been our most improved player and has been great in his position especially wen we beat celtic at ibrox

  61. Jamie

    has anyone heard anything abt jason komas goin to the bears???

    hope he does hes a quality player, n it will rub the monkeys noses right in it!

  62. callum

    jonesy dont no why you would want to keep sebo at the club hes a wrestler not a football player and yes i had heard svenson went to caen but only found out yesterday coz i dint get the paper

  63. Jonesy

    i disagree about sebo. if you have watched videos of him when he was at artmedia he did look a quality player with lots of power and pace. some of the goals he scored were incredible. he has found it hard in scotland, and his situation hasnt been helped by the recent death of his best friend in a car accident at the end of last season. And i agree rangers-mad that hutton has been excellent over the past season and was the most improved player by a mile. lets try and forget about faubert, i didnt think we would get him anyway. cuellar and naismith to be at ibrox by the end of the week.

  64. callum

    good but i still wanted to see faubert at the club

  65. Johnny

    jonesy, I saw the video of Faubert on youtube and think a video could be made like that for anyone… According to Wikipedia, he has scored 9 goals in 3 years which to me isnt a goalscorer, though no idea of his assist ratio. Charlie Adam scored more in 3 months …. No way we could get into an auction for Faubert and Smith right to leave him. If he wants to join a wee club like West Ham, so be it…We need someone who can supply as well as score and not break the bank for it… Lowing looked poor last night. Dont see him as back up for Hutton so more cover needed at the back..

  66. Jonesy

    if you had done your research on faubert you would know that he is not an out and out goalscorer. his position is as a right winger and his assisting is really good. who ever told you he was a striker. Whoever did was mistaken. smith wanted him as he doesnt seem to think burke can step up a gear and needed a quality winger on the right to complement beasley on the left.

  67. Laudo

    A little aside re Murray and the RFC debt.

    Firstly it was the currently financially prudent Murray who allowed this debt to accumulate.

    Secondly, this debt has not, nor ever will “slashed”, it has been broken up and split between a number of Murray’s company’s.
    As and when he leaves the debt will be re-allocated to RFc and once again cripple us.
    Check out the accounts at Company’s House, £17 for an all day pass.

    Thirdly, if Murray as thrown countless millions of his own money at us, how in Gods name did we end up approx £100,000,000 in debt.
    Smoke and Mirrors, smoke and mirrors.

  68. callum


  69. Johnny

    Jonesy, i never said he was a striker, I said i thought he was only worth the money if he laid in with plenty goals per season and as he has only scored 9, then he isnt a goalscorer. Stick by my opinion that we dont need a £6 million winger. And why pay that if you think Beasley is quality at what.. £700 000? Come on, how do you know Gow aint going to set the heather alight? Anyway, forget him, he is gone… Lets look to the future and stop grumping about players we have lost.. Anyway he wasnt lost, the management simply decided not to breach their valuation of the player and they were right to do so..

  70. Jonesy

    well it finally looks like rangers will complete the signings of both cuellar and naismith by the end of this week or beginning of next. If they get both these players i would be happy if that meant the end of the signing as that would be 7 new players in total. although i would like to see the 4M that was going to be used for faubert to go to a top class player, possibly another right winger as long as we lose sionko in the process. Also i was glad to see the new look sebo in the papers, he has lost a lot of the bulk he was carrying and now looks more like a footballer. lets hope he produces the form and goals i know he is capable of

  71. Jonesy

    I would just like to say that I am outraged at rangers messing about in the transfer saga regarding stevie naismith as it now looks like the deal is dead in the water. They have been outbid by hibs now who have offered 850K up front when rangers only want to offer a mesely 500K. Its a sad day when the likes of hibs start out bidding rangers. One word rangers PATHETIC!!!!!!

  72. Jonesy

    Rangers will snap up carlos cuellar today after agreeing a 2.8M deal with osasuna. he will be paraded at the 9 in a row game on sunday. thankfully that transfer saga is over, he will make an excellent partnership with weir i think. both experienced and solid defenders. we need another winger or striker though.

  73. Johnny

    Agree with you Jonesy. Its all getting too messy. Naismith must be a top target after 4 bids, and to miss out on him for 500 k is shocking. Other players must be on the radar though who Smith sees as having as much potential as Naismith, but as far as im concerned a straight offer of 1.5 million would have secured a good young player who has a strikers goal-scoring prowess and could play on the wing if required. Transfer sagas like these were unheard of for Rangers a few seasons ago. Un-Professional, but i think the news leaks come from the sellers who are trying to provoke an auction. It looks bad on us. I dont think Naismith is the answer to all our woes, but he would be a great addition to the squad. There must be more players on the way as Smith said we needed 7 players able to play in the first team and from those acquired up to now, only Beasley, Gow and Darcheville come to the mark with Broadfoot on the bench.. With only 3 odd weeks to champions league we are pushing having new players bed in and Ready…. Mon the Gers

  74. Jonesy

    well after today there will be 4 players ready for the 1st team as cuellar is now a done deal. he has turned his attention to other targets now and wants a striker and another midfielder before that deadline. Gers are reported to be tabling a 1.8M offer for whittaker (sorry callum i know u mentioned this and i kept saying it was rubbish 🙂 ). he would be good as he can challenge hutton and can play right midfield as well, in fact i think he is better there. The McCulloch saga seems to be dead now, thank god!!

  75. Johnny

    We do need quality competition for Hutton and Whittaker would fill that role. Still need cover at right back, as Papac better in centre of defence and would enable us to get rid of that clown Ugo as he is a complete liability. Ive never seen a defender whose passing is as bad as his (though his goal was welcomed!!!). Also a winger and a couple of decent benchwarmers and we could be sorted…

  76. Jonesy

    well i reckon we already have some decent benchwarmers in buffel, broadfoot, webster, graeme smith, papac, sebo, novo, thompson etc i reckon another strong goal machine and a good right winger and that should be us. plus the likes of furman, shinne and lennon are breaking through

  77. callum

    i told you i told u all whitaker would sign hahahahaha lol jks yer he looks like rangers will buy him 4 1.8 millon and rangers wouldnt spend that on naismith who is scotland hottest talent at the moment

  78. callum

    i reckon on the wing we should just rely on burke sure he is not the player he was when he was younger but he still gets the job done get rid of sebo rangers plz dont sign mcolhohlhjf he is poo what was the point of signing broadfoot and i reckon gow is decent enough to be a bench warmer he is the best bench warmer we got right now

  79. Jonesy

    i have this funny feeling sebo is going to turn the corner this year. he had a lot of problems last year with his weight, then his best friend being killed in a car crash. dont forget he was injured a lot of the time. i see he has slimmed down and looks more a football player now. remember he has scored a lot of international goals and a lot for vienna and artmedia bratislava. so dont get rid of him just yet!!

  80. callum

    jonesy do you think we should just use burke or mchooloolohfxg

  81. callum

    on the wing

  82. Jonesy

    i would play beasley on the left and burke on the right with ferguson and hemdani in the centre. means the likes of adam, thompson, buffel and mcculloch will miss out but i believe that is the best starting 4 we have. but we have a lot of games coming up so you need a lot of options.

  83. callum

    nah adam for hemdani and do a legoon and put him as a a more forwardish defender

  84. Jonesy

    no way. I guess by legoon u mean ehiogu? he is the worst player at ibrox apart from sionko and is not worthy of a place on the bench. HE IS ****!!!!


  85. callum

    no legoon is (paul leguen)

  86. callum

    in the papers it says rangers have agreed a deal with kilmarnock for stevie naismith and and darren fletcher has said he wants a move to ibrox saying he wont get any first team action man utd can some 1 tell me if these rumors are true?

  87. Jonesy

    what papers are these in. I believe rangers are close to a deal with naismith behind the scenes as jim jeffries has admitted in the press that he is resigned to losing him this summer. I wouldnt read too much into the darren fletcher rumour, plus i wouldnt really want him there as we have enough midfield choice at the moment in ferguson, hemdani, thompson, adam, mcculloch, beasley, burke, sionko and buffel when he comes back.

  88. callum

    i no but it would be good to get a good midfielder than 2 or 3 poo midfielders dont you think and get rid of sionko and buffel and use the money to buy him its as easy as that

  89. Fergie Khill

    Whitaker deal is abou to be announced……………… watch this space

  90. Jonesy

    well its not as easy as that as nobody in europe wants sionko. martin bain has offered him to almost everyone in france and they arent interested. Plus buffel is still recovering from knee surgery so nobody wants to take a chance with him until he is back playing (which may take him a while even when he is fit as he isnt a first 11 player anymore).

  91. callum

    yer bain needs to look elsewere look every where we need to get rid of him and i heard bolten i heard was intrested in him

  92. callum

    yer bain needs to look elsewere look every where we need to get rid of him and i heard bolten was intrested in him

  93. callum

    walter smith is a good manager but he has to sign naismith he doesnt have a big price tag and he is what rangers need

  94. Gaz

    Rangers are close to signing Daniel Cousins for £900K and steven whittaker for £1.7m whithin the next 48 hours

  95. Jackobyte

    So what do you all think about the stunning victory against Chelsea? Cuellar looks first class, McCulloch certainly looks like a good buy, Beasley looks lightweight, Novo ran the show when he came on, Sebo still looks pants, we need Naismith….. Papac looking very good at left back now, Hutton looking stronger and stronger, Burke with a few mazy runs, Barry looking brilliant, Hemdani his usual comfortable self, Boyd looks spent, not sure what his problem is but he needs a kick up the backside, he shouldn’t be in the starting eleven, should be Novo and Darcheville on current form. Murray says they’ll spend another £10 million and they’re only £16 million in debt acording to todays figures so where did the £100,000,000 rubbish up there come from?

    All I know is that we need Naismith, he wants to play for Rangers, I think Boyd looks fed up and this might be the reason…. come on, get your fingers out Rangers and give them a couple of the young guys on loan and pay their wages for the year or something to offset the difference in valuation…. what have they got to lose?

    EDITED: no foul language – PLEASE!!! 8)

  96. patrickbruen

    Jackobyte – you mentioned the £100m debt – that was disperesed around several other Murray owned comapnies to ease the pressure on either the Club or Sir Dave himself, it’s called ‘clever accounting’…….

  97. callum

    weres jonesys comment he aint said nothing in ages

  98. Jonesy

    sorry callum I have been on holiday for a week. i was in rhodes and watched the zeta game in a pub and was extremely disappointed with the performance. hutton has to control his temper as it is going to be his downfall as i believe whittaker is far better going forward than he is. i also like the look of cuellar, reminds me of how boumsong settled in at first. i agree boyd has to get his act together, cousin is a 23 goal a season man and will work hard for the team.

  99. callum

    do you guys think the gers will sign naismith?

  100. Jonesy

    Nah i think the naismith saga is over. we may try again in January though depending on the season he has

  101. callum

    yer most likely think rangers will sign any else?

  102. Jonesy

    well now we have daniel cousin, who i dont know much about, but hately says he is a class striker and hately knows his french football from his time at monaco. I think that is the spending over for the summer, remember we effectively have 2 new players coming back in smith and buffel as well. He may go back into the market in january but im not sure we need to.

    According to todays evening times (glasgow) paper, david murray has pledged more funds available to smith for new players which is good news

  103. Johnny

    Was listening to the footie fone in last night and was amazed to hear that Boyd may not be a starter now that Cousins and Darcheville are in. As far as im concerned, Boyd is a first choice and all he needs is a goal to get his confidence back. I reckon either Cousins, Darch, Novo, Gow or McCulloch should run around him and leave Boyd to do what he does best… poach and score goals a la Super Ally. Ally never did much outside the box, but he is lauded as a Rangers legend… Lay off Boyd. Personally i havent seen anything in Darchville that excites me. He runs around a lot like Novo. Good acquisitions by Smith. Cuellar looks good. And i like the 4-3-3 that he is using (much like PLG did at the beginning of last season when we looked good going forward). Gers looking good and a win against St J will leave Celts in the mire….


    Oh aye. Anyone know what songs are allowed and which arent…..?

  104. callum

    i reckon rangers should do 3 4 3 coz i think rangers have poo defenders besides cuellar and whittaker look good mcholloh is actllay looking alrite so ill take back the stuff i said about him i wet to that st mirren and rangers game and to me i think rangers were rubbish st mirren was controlling the game but a good debut from cousins scoring a goal

  105. Jonesy

    i disagree with what you say about the defence. cuellar and weird are rock solid, and hutton and papac are looking good too. i do agree that the first half was poor on saturday as i was at the game too but 2nd half was much improved!!

  106. Johnny

    Agree with you Jonesy. The 4 man defence is solid and cover is there for all positions. Am still unsure about Webster as he seems a bit lightweight to me to be a solid centreback, but Hearts fans i know say he carried Pressley for years. Papac looks good as he did for the first 3 games he played at centre under PLG. 3 central defenders is overkill in the spl. Was also at the St Mirren game and think we are on the right track and improvement is evident. Just hope Boyd gets a goal soon.

  107. PAuL MERCER




  108. callum

    cueller is a gun he is worth more than 2 millon and he is 10 times betta than boumsong

  109. Johnny

    Another poor performance by Rangers. Its deja vu as far as im concerned with Smith and his tactics.

    Darch did little for me. He ran around a lot and noised them up a bit, but Sebo did that against Celts last season and I wouldn’t say he was a player. Cousin.. Too early to say though he does seem to have an eye for goal and him and Boyd could do well together…

    I honestly cant comprehend why 2 new and untried players are getting in in front of Boyd. I know I sound like a broken record, but to me he is our best striker, and I mean a box player.. Leave him there and let him get on with it. He would have forced their defence to stay back and given our midfield more room to move. We need to find a player who will run around him in a free role and assist him.

    I also cant fathom why Rangers find it so difficult to pass to each other and keep the ball. Every time McGregor had the ball he kicked it up the park and their defence headed on to their midfiled and back it came, or they passed it about a bit quite comfortably and made us chase the game. It was as if they were the home side. And we cant pass about the midfield to the strikers.. Its always long passes, no triangles moving at speed. They passed us off the park.

    Thomson did well again last night. Ferguson was nowhere and had to keep coming back, giving their defence more room to breath.

    Smith = defensive tactics and containment. If we go there to defend we have had it….

  110. McCraigo

    i think nacho novo is a stud, however i think they should not start him and just keep him till the 2nd half when he is full of energy and changes the whole pace of the game. Was a sad sight midgame against Falkirk, but he has come through for us. the Chelsea game, Inverness game and Red Star. i think we shoudl resign his crazy Spanish ass. him and Burke worked well together too.

  111. callum

    i think thomson will turn out like ferguson like when people first saw him on the team sheet when fergie started people were questining it but then he became more of class player over time and became what he is today so thomson got of to a un steady start like fergie he is getting better every game he maybe not 2 u all but i think thomson could be a great leader in the future and maybe captain

  112. colin mchale

    The only grip i have with Thompson is that he seems to reach peak fitness and match sharpness, then picks up silly injuries. This was a major problem for Thompson when he was at Hibs.

  113. Jonesy

    I would just like to say congratulations to rangers for their excellent defensive display on tuesday night. I still think we need a left back as papac clearly isnt one, although he does try his best.

    Bring on the big guns, we fear no one!!!

  114. Johnny

    Aye. Great result for the Gers, although I wasn’t too impressed with the performance once again. Maybe im expecting too much of a team that is currently going through a re-building process, but i thought the passing, movement and winning of 2nd balls was terrible.

    I realise we went there to defend, which i thought would be suicide, but if we cant string more than 3 passes together and hold the ball, then we are just asking the opposition to come onto us. If we had the confidence to build from the back and pass through midfield then we wouldn’t have had to defend so deeply. A better team would have had a lot more chances than they got.

    Still good performance by McGregor who is improving every week.

    Spartak’s passing and movement was a joy last night and we could learn some lessons there. Although their penalty takers should be shot for such atrocious penalties…

  115. Jonesy

    agreed i thought spartak looked a really good team. As you say johnny rangers are still geling and i am optimistic about our chances. sure barcelona, lyon and stuttgart will be hard opponents but i fancy our chances against stuttgart and lyon lost a lot of top players. and u never know what could happen when teams come to the cauldron of noise that is ibrox. Bring it on!!!!!

  116. Jonesy

    i have just heard that rangers have signed steven naismith on a 5 year deal. About time!!!

  117. callum

    nah jonesy naismith aint signing till janurary and we signed amdy faye on a season long loan

  118. callum

    i also heard burke had fell out with smith thats why he aint playing its bad coz he my fav playa 😦

  119. callum

    i reckon novo is good enough 4 gers he is quick and he can kick a ball into a net so hes okay in my books

  120. callum

    wow ur right actualy naismith did sign yay

  121. Admin

    Hey callum

    Do you read the other parts of the blog? The confirmed Naismith deal was on just after midnight.
    but you posted below at 2am (the time stamps are an hour out)

    “September 1st, 2007 at 3:06 am · Edit

    nah jonesy naismith aint signing till janurary and we signed amdy faye on a season long loan”

  122. callum

    my bad i didnt read the paper so i didnt no

  123. Jonesy

    didnt need to read the paper. i was up at midnight looking through the net to see if we had any last minute sale. wikipedia is a good source, always updates really fast.

    while im on here, good result at the weekend lads, poor 1st half performance again though. they really need to sort this out and play for the full 90 as celtic are now getting into the habit of hammering teams 4 and 5 nil. so we need to be prepared for 20th October when celtic come to ibrox

  124. Johnny

    Aye. Was at the game and again the performance was terrible in the 1st half. Im concerned by our sheer lack of passing ability and the movement of the players off-the-ball is terrible. I put it down to little movement as we dont seem to be looking for space to enable a telling pass to be made. Look how many times recently that a Gers player has been passed into trouble by a team mate who has been closed down by the opposition and has had no free man to pass to. What happened to the old ‘pass and move’ mantra??

    Boyd and Cousin need to play together more to enable them to gel as a partnership. They could be formidable together.

    Hemdani staying till at least January is a bonus.

  125. Jonesy

    yeah i am a big hemdani fan. Although I cannot see where amdy faye is going to be used. he is similar to hemdani although a bit more rough tackling. And if hemdani isnt playing, when will faye?

    i think i prefer an attack with darcheville in it. i realise he is 32 and struggles to maintain his fitness levels but he is an excellent player and we must use him more than bringing him on for 15-20 mins

  126. callum

    my dad is kille supporter and when i was a wee bit younger he took me 2 a couple of kille games and when naisy just started he played attacking midfield for hes first couple of full games and he played betta there then in the forward line so i can see naisy playing both fill in for boyd and cousins and ferguson

  127. Johnny

    Agree with you Jonesy re Darch, but i reckon he aint a striker, more a forward who supports the striker/ strikers. Here goes the old record again, but im afraid Smith is making a mistake in not applying some belief in Boyd’s abilities as an out-and-out striker. Every team in the country are harping on about not having a striker who can score 20 odd goals a season, and ours, who can score many more than that cant get into the team.

    I find it shocking that 2 new Frenchmen, Darch scoring 46 goals in 124 appearances (5 seasons) and Cousin who scored 26 goals in 101 appearances (3 seasons), seem to be preferred to Boyd who has scored 39 goals in 54 appearances for the Gers…. Someone show me the sanity in that. No wonder the guy aint playing well, his confidence must be shot. Smith has always played his favourites and it seems Boyd aint one of them at the moment. I sincerely hope that McCoist is shouting from the Copeland about Boyd as he must see himself in him. Remember Coisty couldnt get off the bench under Souness and no-one can doubt he was our greatest ever striker and how much running about and holding up the ball did he do???? Very little as he could rely on others to do that for him… Basically if Boyd had better forward going midfielders, wingers and supporting striker (like Hateley) then we would be laughing…

    I reckon we should have Boyd as a 1st pick striker and find one of the others who can run around him, supply and chip in with some goals. Even in a 4-4-1-1, i would play Boyd and tell him to poach as this would keep the opposition defence off our midfield (see recent Euro games). 4-2-2 Boyd with Cousin or Darch.

    And i just read Hateleys comments about Scotland playing Lithuania with 1 up… Am i the only person in the world who thinks this is a shocking tactic for a home leg??? Smith did the same and although we won the Euro games (which i agree was the point) we just faced waves of pressure with no out through midfiled as their defence was on top of us..

    Home games should be played to win, not contain…

  128. Johnny


    Rant over…

    For now…..

  129. Jonesy

    i agree johnny i am going to hampden tomorrow to watch the scotland game and if big eck goes with 1 up front i will be extremely disappointed. Although sources tell me he is going to start with either boyd or o’connor up front with mcfadden sitting in behind with a free role.

  130. Johnny

    Thankfully he didnt go with one up front as was proposed by Hateley. That would have been a terribly defensive decision for a manager who knew it was a must-win game.

    Ok to use that formation on Wednesday as we can expect waves of attack from a bullish French squad, but we can expect a few chances, and with Boyd up front, i expect him to be in the right place at the right time to at least make them work. I reckon McFadden will start ahead of Teale who looked useless.

    Maybe Boyd lone striker with McFadden free behind him? as per Jonesy’s previous comment..

  131. callum


  132. Johnny

    Oh dear. What a terrible way to give up the lead in the SPL. No fight, no spirit and destroyed by a poor Hearts team.

    Very disappointing.

    And re the Septic result… We are now seeing how good an acquisition Scott McDonald would have been if we had gone the exra few yards… McDonald or Beasley??? No contest in my opinion..

    Need to seriously get our act together for Stuttgart as nowt in the opening encounter at home would be a disaster..


  133. callum

    yer we im a aussie but i have this website so i can watch all the games but i met mcdonalds dad and he was so proud of his son going celtic mcdonald would pick celtic over rangers any day so after all we really didnt have a shot adn did u hear man utd is afta wee traitor brown its like 10 millon and the pick of o shea or fletcher who would u pick?

  134. callum

    i tink now that walter has hes player he should use hes budget to bring in big stars coz the squad he has i good enough to challenge but with some stars it would be easier to win it that way and i heard former inter star kallon maybe signing on a free he is absoult class i would pay heaps to watch him play as he was my fav playa outside gers back then

  135. Jonesy

    i dont know much about kallon but i agree that rangers are lacking that creative spark. im hoping buffel coming back will be like a new player. after watching the celtic game tonight, the donetsk left back, rat, is an amazing player. rangers should be trying to sign him.

    terrible performance against hearts. but dont worry big walter will steady the ship. hibs to draw with celtic on sunday and gers to beat the dons to go top again

  136. Johnny

    Great result for Gers last night. Still, could moan about the formation and how we could have been more adventurous as they dont look like a great side, but we won and the formation seems to be working… for now.

    Cuellar seemed nervous and Whittaker’s head was down and both made quite a few blunders.. Passing better but still not enough movement or support for the striker as on numerous occasions, Darch had no support or out for the ball. Faye looks like a waste of space blundering about there.

    Still feel Boyd is being ignored and could do a job.

    Im amazed at how quiet Ibrox is getting. Had to laugh at the words of media that Stuttgart would be affected by the Ibrox crowd and noise… Where was the noise?? It only re-appeared when we scored. It seems to me that the club need to be pro-active about the songs we can sing as no-one is sure and the fans seem nervous about singing…. Either that or they were nerves in respect of the team and what was needed to get past the Germans. Although, just look at how the German fans were enjoying themselves throughout the game (apart from a little dooda with Strathclyde’s finest!!!) .. standing up and constantly singing, nd we are sitting mumping and moaning and trying to be quiet at certain lines in the songs..

    The fans need clarification..


  137. Johnny

    And back to the Boyd situation…

    Now 51 goals in 58 games… Why cant he get a game for us??? Its beyond me.. Bottom line – to win the league we need to win games and to win games we need goals, and we have a proven goalscorer so as far as im concerned he should be a first pick. All this ‘holding up the ball’ should be done by someone else and leave the striker to be in the right place to score the goals required. Boyd for me, supported by Darch or Naisy.

    During the Stuggart game, the ball was held up well by Darch, but he had no-one to pass it to and so it went back to the midfield, and again they couldnt give it to a striker in a scoring position cos he was out of position as he just came back to hold up the ball. Seems wrong to me.

    And Smith saying that the new players, ie Darch and Cousin, need to be played to see them… Does he not see them in training??? And if thats the reason for playing to non-goalscorers, then why aint Gow and Broadfoot in the team ‘to see them’???

    Its all baws…

  138. callum

    i agree with you johnny darche had a brillant game but needed a striker like boydy to pass to instead of taking every one on adam looks like he might regain top form again barry just as usual brillant thomson highlight for gers helped them alot whit played good on the right hutton had a few good runs davie weir and cuellar rock solid as usual papac a wee bit quiet but did good when had the ball mcgfreagor a magican in goals the cis cup game burke was a star doing hes usual stuff he loves making fun of defenders with hes little tricks carrol was good buffel did pretty good when on so i think this will be rangers best year in some time

  139. Johnny

    Thankfully a Rangers great like Forrest has come out in public to big up Kris Boyd and give him the praise he deserves.

    And from a man who scored 145 goals in 163 games for us, his point of view should be of note.

    Playing non-goalscoring Frenchmen in league and europe and playing our latest goal machine against East Fife must be a real ball-breaker for Boyd and the fans dont seem to give him much appreciation either. Follow Follow is full of fans praising Darch and Cousin….. What the hell has Cousin done????

  140. callum

    cousins has scored acuople but he hasnt had alot of playing time to show what he can do i reckon naismith and boyd up front and in the last 30 minute cahnge the two to put some power and pace back in the game and wot about the wee spainaird novo weres he gonna fit in?

  141. callum

    gow has been very good for rangers so far and should be given a fair go same with wee burkey i reckon so far i would rather see burke than whit on the right burke and hutton would be explosive on the right and same with smithy and mcholloh or beasley

  142. callum

    so far this has been rangers team selection

    gk: mcgregor- been good in goals recntly could have worked a little more but made some great saves
    rb: hutton- i must admit i had my worries about him and he inconsistanty but he has played very well he played awesome against sturragart with hes good runs
    cb: weir- rock solid and is a great influicent on the younger boys and brings good experince
    cb:cuellar- rock solid been a little shakey in recent matches but normally rock solid
    lb: smith/papac- first papac been good cover for smith with hes injury had acuple of good runs and just blends in with every 1 smith has been great he looks comfortable and plays great he would be no 1 lb
    rm: whitaker- played alright but i would raather burke with hes tricks i think thats wot rangers are missing
    cm: ferguson- wot can say besides legend and a captain as lyons coach said would die for when hes on the park morales are high for the mighty bears
    cm: thomson- played very very well i think him and ferguson holding up the middle of the park is eletric
    lm: mcolloh/beasley: what can i say mcolloh i really didnt want him to join ibrox but now i hope he stays for awhile he has played well beasley has played alright but i would rather macloh tho
    st:boyd/naismith: i wouldnt mind if either played as they are both class as up and up strikers
    st:cousins/darchville- there both good as supporting striker and again dont mind who starts mabye cousins starts and darchville in the last 20 or 30 minutes of the game to bring pace and power back in the game

  143. Jonesy

    while most of what you are saying callum makes sense, I dont agree with what you say about kevin thomson. I dont think he is anywhere near rangers class. Hemdani is a far better player both in europe and domestically.

    burke and beasley could be utilised more in europe because of their pace and trickery as should novo. But beasley is definately too light weight for the SPL.

    Charlie adam can come in and do a job but his fitness isn’t the best and seems too tired after about an hour of play.

    Lee McCulloch (callum thats how its spelled lol!!) is a great player. gives 110% all the time and can play anywhere across the midfield or up front

  144. callum

    i agree i think thomsons played well so for i think and mb so its mcCulloch ok il try again l8er probally still get it wrong but oh well grest reslut for rangers crushing 3 nil win over lyon IN FRANCE!!!!

  145. Johnny

    Fantastic result and one of our best in Europe.

    Rangers playing some great stuff and a result like that against them is soooo sweet… They are a quality team with some fantastic players, especially Grosso (who terrorised us the whole game), Juninho and Govou.. Their passing and movement was terrific, especially in the first 15 minutes, but our resilience was top drawer and when we got some confidence we did some great passing and holding of the ball. Each Gers player was fantastic. Hemdani is a genius at being in the right place at the right time, although he can play team mates into trouble at times. Agree with Jonesy, he has to be a pick for the league games but maybe not for Thomson, Whittaker for me as he aint doing it…Ive been critical of Beasley, still think he is too light and shirks a tackle, but he took a bit in the back last night and was a good attacking outlet.

    No luck involved as of the wood strikes for Lyon, McGregor had 2 of them covered…. Great to see Juninho’s wee moany face at the end….. Grosso could play at left-back in any team…

    Just need to keep it going into the league games and there will be no stopping us for the title..


  146. callum

    who do you think should start wee burkey or whit

  147. Jonesy

    neither! i would give novo his chance on the right flank. he is raring to go and you know he gives 110% all the time. he wears his heart on this sleave and loves the club. i wouldnt be too saddened to see burke leave the club in january as i think he has fallen out with the management and hasnt done it since his new contract, surprise surprise!!

  148. callum

    how can u say that 2 my favorite player lol well he has been injured and he did have a falll out but he breaking back into the top team kinda and bureys betta tthan novo on the right

  149. Johnny

    Isnt it amazing that with what we thought / think is a good squad of players, we still dont seemt to be firing on all cylinders in the SPL.

    I for one was absolutely flabbergasted when i saw we were playing the lone striker role at home against Hibs… 9and after stating for weeks that Boyd is no use in that role) I find that incredible, very defensive minded and seemingly from a point of view that has little or no confidence in our ability to attack and win games. When is this going to end? Think back to the Paul Le Guen era… In the first four games under him our attacking play in the SPL and in Europe was absolutely immense and it was our defence that let us down… So whats happened? We have better forward-thinking players now…

    We still need an attacking midfielder as that role doesnt seem to suit Fergie this season and there is no way he is going to score many goals for us this season..

    Seems to me that if we employ a defensive mindset against teams we should be playing to win then we are in trouble..

  150. Jonesy

    I agree with Johnny. I cant understand why in the SPL and especially at ibrox we are playing with one man up front. That is what teams used to do when they came to ibrox a few years ago when they hoped they could get a draw.

    We need to make ibrox a place where people are afraid to come to once again

  151. callum

    true walter has the firepower with boydy naisy darch cousins and all so the wee man novo good striking force with ferguson playing attackive and adam on hes a game we could do with 3 up front like maybe

    3-1-2-1-3 ?

  152. callum

    for ibroxs games and spl

  153. Jonesy

    I would go with good old fashioned 4-4-2. The usual defence of hutton, weir, cuellar and papac. Then in midfield I would go with novo/naismith, ferguson, hemdani and mcculloch then boyd and darcheville up front.

  154. callum


  155. callum

    i think 3 4 3 or something at ibrox or until smith is back because papac maybe playing good i dont think he is quiet up to scratch right now dont get me wrong he done well in the left but we got some quality forwards with a good forward line at ibrox would bring fear back in opponents

  156. Jonesy

    i disagree that thomson is in better form than hemdani. thomson is not rangers class for me and looks out of his depth. hemdani is a class act and never lets anyone down. get him back in the team permanently

  157. callum

    thomson07 hehehe hemdani – Derby bound for a mere 1 millon 🙂

  158. Johnny

    I agree with you Jonesy that we should be playing 4-4-2 at home and in the spl as the teams in the spl are definately getting better and we dont want to let them in at the back. 3 defenders means we would have to deploy Hutton and Papac or wingers further up the park. So if we used them, then no wingers, and if we used wingers, then no Hutton.

    Ive been really impressed with Hutton this season and hope the boo boys lay off the rest of the young Scots lads as they need the fans behind them. Ie Adam etc. has everyone forgotten that Adam was our 2nd or 3rd top scorer last season and is having problems getting back into the team??

    I disagree about Thommo though. I think he is coming onto a game and is having to do more work cos Fergie is having to support the lone striker as much as possible. Its Whittaker that is the weak link for me. Aye Naisy out on the right wing to see what he can do, or Darch as i reckon he could do a job out there. Gow has also been forgotten and needs to come in soon..

    No sign of Smith returning at left-back as yet. His groin injuryu must be very serious as i aint heard if he is even training yet.

  159. callum

    i think whitaker is stil a bit shakey because hes a bit nervous but over time he will get betta on the righ wing but i do agree we should use naismith on the wing or even try em out there still think we could use burke for euro games

  160. Jonesy

    perfect tactics by smith today. novo was a master stroke and cousin held the ball up well. Moan the gers!! the title may as well be back at ibrox. celtic have nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  161. callum

    i agree with ya jonesy that was a good win and probally brought back into the title race we played so much better than agaisnt hibs hopefully we play as good agaisnt barca or better there are alot of doubters about the gers barca game ppl dont think they can even get a POINT!!!!! but i think rangers could even get the win? i no i sound cray but MON THE GERS!

  162. callum

    HELLO WERE ISA EVERY 1?????????????????

  163. callum

    rangers are yet again after a hibs player steven fletcher hes 20 years old got 7 goals from 13 games this year and is reported to be keen on a 3 millon move after contract break down

  164. Jonesy

    i wouldnt bother with steven fletcher at this point. If cousin moves on in the summer (if someone offers 3M and triggers a clause in his contract) then i reckon we should use that plus anything david murray gives walter to get a top quality, proven striker from the continent. its all well and good having young boys coming through who can do a job but you need experienced men in there as well.

  165. callum

    i agree we need acouple of proven striker maybe a right back for hutton if he decides to leave ibrox for old trafford and maybe a right winger?

  166. Allan

    I think we need a good centre back to replace Davie. Hes good but hes not fit enough or fast enough for CL football. Stevie Smith can replace Papac when hes fit and id like to see buffel playing beside barry insted of Thomson.

  167. Jonesy

    I am extremely disappointed in rangers performance tonight. totally unacceptable, defensively we were shocking. And as for darcheville. I have just lost all respect for you mate. You now miss the 2 legs of the next round of the uefa cup. Cheers!!!!!

  168. Johnny

    Well what a dismal performance the other night. And to confound my disillusionment with what is happening at Ibrox, i read this morning that Smith is considering bringing Kenny Miller back to Ibrox!!!! Geezo, i hope to god its not true. What is he thinking about? Miller was a dud a Gers, a dud at Celts and now he wants to bring him back….! I honestly cant believe it and I hope that its not true… He is totally useless, never been a striker in his life and cant cross the ball so is no use on the wing… We already have Novo who can run around all day like a blue-assed fly and Novo has at least scored some good goals for us….

    I also still cant comprehend the thinking against Lyon in playing Cousin who is not a goalscorer and has in my opinion had one half good game for us, Darch who also aint a goalscorer and is injured, and Naismith who has no champions league experience and hasnt scored for Rangers yet. All the while Boyd, the best striker at the club, is kicking his heels when we need goals…. What must Boyd be thinking when an injured player can get on in a very important game for us before him…. Transfer request on the horizon i reckon and if we lose Boyd, we can say goodbye to the league.. Thanks Walter.

    Can one of you enlightened gents inform me of the thinking in not playing your top striker??? I still think Darch as a free-role forward supporting Boyd as penalty-box predator is our best forward line. I ask a i watched Celts v Milan and the commentators raved about Inzaghi who is also a penalty box predator and didnt leave the area around the box all night, chased nothing and waited to score… Similar player to Boyd. Inzaghi is lauded by all and sundry for playing the same game as Boyd, yet Boyd is called lazy etc.. Rangers fans are being fed this nonsense about him and a large percentage of us believe it… Would they call Coisty lazy? Doubt it… The bears need to wake up ansd smell it.

    Inzaghi – European competition all time top scorer…..
    McCoist – Golden boot….
    Boyd – Top scorer with Rangers and Killie..

    End of.

  169. callum

    rangers gotta get rid of that not intrested boy cousin he played pish on wenesday and i would pefer him in england playing 4 some relagation battlers like middlesbrough or bolton

  170. callum

    wee celts r pish they had a crappy group and they still struggled to get by. HUTTON=LEGEND

    new line up(well should be)

    GK: Mcgregor
    RB: Hutton
    CB: Weir
    CB: Cuellar
    LB: Smith

    RM: Novo/Burke/Naismith
    CM: Ferguson
    CM: Thomson/Adam
    LM: Mcholloh (i think thats right)

    ST: Boyd/Naismith
    ST: Darcheville/Naismith

    Rumored to leave

    Cousins/Sell/middlesbrough-bolton/2 millon
    Boyd/Sell/Birmingham City/2 millon
    Hutton/Sell/manchester united/8-10 millon
    Cuellar/sell/Manchester United/???

    Rumored to come


    Comments,on my thing,

  171. callum

    hey but remember what we said about Mcculloch we thought he was shite but we brought him in and hes beem a super start so maybe it will happen 2 miller ehh probally not

  172. Johnny

    The Miller thing has been dismissed a few times by the club and he would not be welcomed back by the fans due to his antics whilst playing for them against us.

    Boyd also stated he is not going anywhere so that is good news as im sure his confidence will return and he will be back in the team where he belongs.

    Heard a rumour that Mr Murray has agreed a deal in principal to sell the club. No further info on the buyer….. Anyone know any more?

    What the hell are you doing typing here at 5.33 Callum? Are you mad or just suffering from insomnia? ;-))

  173. callum

    nah mate im a aussie

  174. callum

    but i got sentanta

  175. Johnny

    Ah i see. Well good to see the Aussie bears still care about the club.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.


  176. callum

    merry xmas everyone

  177. Jonesy

    yeah merry xmas all and have a cracking new year. I was very impressed with the performance yesterday against aberdeen after mculloch was sent off. We battled well and were unlucky not to win the game.

    I think if we can keep within 2 points of celtic before the old firm game and then get the victory at parkhead we will be looking good for the title as our 2 games in hand look like 6 points easy!!!! moan the gers

  178. bazza c

    does everyone agree that rangers are very one paced this year?? no attacking speed on the wings until wee nacho comes on and changes the game,time to give buffel a chance out wide and why oh why does thomson even get close to ibrox stadium never mind a game. he is a good player but too similar to barry ferguson. cant we just have player of the year hemdani back and push barry on a bit as we have no spark in the midfield and its killing us. and for the love of god get a left back!!!!

  179. callum

    gattuso back at ibrox!! 🙂

    but only 4 training 😦

    wish he came back

  180. callum

    r.i.p o’donell

  181. Jonesy

    looks like hutton is leaving ibrox. 8M to spurs. If it happens i think its ridiculous as it shows rangers have no ambition to keep their best players. all they want to do is to take the cash.
    sometimes you’ve got to say NO!!!

  182. stuz

    I wasn’t a big fan of Hutton at first but he has been 1 of our best players so far.
    Having said that, if he wanted to go to Spurs i would have said it was a goob piece of business.
    What do you think of the rumours about The Gers being linked to Moore (Villa), Della Bona (Napoli) & the left back of Stuttgart, unfortunately, i can’t remember his name.
    I have also heard Wes Brown is out of contract in the summer & Utd have rejected a bid from Newcastle for him.
    I would like to see Rangers go for him, as Weir will probably retire at the end of this season.

  183. callum

    YIPPY!!!!!!! hutton stays he bloody knocked back 40 grand a week for hes scrawby 11 grand wat a leg i wouldnt mnd seeing brown n moore at ibrox it my mite be a little intresting

    Happy new year to all besides celtic fans and

    R.I.P Phil O’donell

  184. callum

    maybe if hutton goes 2 man utd we mite have some pocket change left to buy rino snap out of it callum its just a dream

  185. stuz

    I read Rangers are thinking about demolishing Ibrox to build a 70,000 stadium & then possibly renaming it, (if this is true). If it is increased, we will need a higher standard of player to fill the stadium.
    As for renaming it, i would go along with it, as long as it was a massive company who put money into the team aswell. Lets face it, there would never be 70,000 fans every home game, watching the players we have at present.

  186. Johnny

    I havent read all the stuff about the re-development, but it sounds very expensive and i wouldnt like to see us saddled with debt just as we are getting back on our feet. Im not in favour of renaming the stadium, but if it happened it would still be known as Ibrox cos the Struth stand would always be associated as such..

    Im absolutely amazed that Hutton is staying. Murray must be silently beeling as 8 million would have been great for the current debt and would have paid off most of Murray Park at a stroke. Though i understand why hutton didnt go to Spurs, i do think a similar offer from a bigger club will tempt him. It wouldnt kill us as we have Whittaker who can step in and he is a better defender, though nowhere near as good going forward…

    Aye left-back is a concern. We havent managed to replace Numan in all that time, though Smith still has plenty time as he is a young lad.

    Definately need a central defender to replace Weir as he is getting past it and we should be thinking ahead, though Papac is there and he impressed me when he played as centre back under Le Guen.

  187. callum

    yeah i would love to see the new ibrox staduim in a few years time and i do agree it would really really disapointing if ibrox would be renamed but the debt would be to large to turn down

  188. Johnny

    Fingers crossed that we dont sell any of our squad, the Faye could go tomorrow and it wouldnt matter. Waste of a jersey that man. Also Cousin for a few quid would be a good piece of business….

    Boyd must stay and be used.

  189. Jonesy

    agreed amde faye is pointless and useless. I would let cousin go if we got maybe 2 million for him. but he has started to look more interested in recent weeks and has scored a couple.

    I hear though that rangers are interested in 1.4M rated danish striker Soren Larsen from Schalke. Dont know much about him but lovenkrands seems to rate him highly.

  190. callum

    it woud be hood if lovenkrands and rino came back aaaa happy days

  191. stuz

    I would never take Lovenkrands back, he was never up to the physical side of the game & would only perform when he felt like it.

  192. stuz

    My comments may anger some people but i would get rid of Walter Smith & certain players.
    I watched the game against Gretna 16 / 1 / 08 & couldn’t believe my eyes at what i was seeing.
    It was embarassing to actually concede a goal against them but it was Smith’s team selection & tactics that i couldn’t understand.
    The team haven’t played a competitive game since 5 /1 / 08 & you would have thought they would be trying a LOT harder than they did.
    They looked as if they had played 5 games in 8 days & i couldn’t believe Davy Weir was beaten virtually everytime in the air by Duechar.
    Ok we got the 3 points, which was the main thing but these players are getting thousands every week, which we pay for, just to give a sub standard performance.
    If i was a Rangers player, i would bust a gut every game.

  193. Jonesy

    You are right Stuz your comments may anger people. They have certainly got my back up. I cannot believe you are wanting walter smith out after the way he has turned the club around in just over a year. This time last year we were 17 points behind celtic, now we are 4 points clear.

    Rangers performance was not up to standard I agree but I think it was more of a rusty performance from not playing in so a couple of weeks. Walter smiths tactics were spot on!!! He has played that formation for the last 3 or 4 games and we have one them all apart from the aberdeen game which we should have won.

    I bet you were one of those typical rangers fans calling for cousin to be taken off as he looked uninterested, then he pops up with the winner. I put money on kris boyd missing that chance.

    And as for david weir, the guy is almost 38 years old and still strolls every game in the SPL. You need to remember that deucher is taller than davie weir and carries a lot more muscle.

  194. Johnny

    Hmmm. Agree with some of what you said Jonesy although, being a Boyd fan and i would have him in the team ahead of Cousin and Darcheville, i think the fans such as yourself are wrong to be against him. His confidence is shot, but he is still the top scorer at the club, the best finisher and cant get a game.

    Stutz, as for what you say about Smith, i agree with Jonesy in that Smith has turned around the club. Still think his tactics are suspect at times and his perseverance with Cousin is questionable.. Cousin’s goal was good (and Boyd coulda scored it with his eyes closed) he is only making an effort to win a move. Dont be blinded by a couple of weeks effort at 60%. He was poor the whole game and the fans could see it.

    .. and dont be fooled by Smith’s comments about Boyd and his style of play.. Its a ruse for other things that have happened behind the scenes. I hope he gets his chance again as he deserves it. Cousin out… Boyd in….

    As for the fans jumping up and down about signing Dailly. He is a stop-gap for 3 positions… Faye, Eghigou and Whittaker… He isnt the be-all-and-end-all……..

  195. stuz

    I agree Smith has turned the club around but what i’m not happy about, is his tactics & team selection.
    We have probably played no more than 5 games, where we can say we were by far the better team.
    We were found out after 3 games in Europe, thats why we didn’t qualify.
    We also lost to Hibs at HOME by playing only 1 man up front, what i’m saying is be more positive, after all, as i’ve said, the supporters pay the wages but are being short changed.
    As for your comments Jonesy, i am a fan of Cousin but i would like to see him try a bit harder & if you go on about Weir’s age, height & strenghth, youv’e forgotten about his experience !!! he is a Scotland player after all & should be able to cope with a part time player.
    It’s time to get a quality defender in & i would nip in front of the beggars & pay £4m
    for Van Buyten.

  196. Johnny

    I agree with you about the tactics and team selection. Smith definately has his favourites. As for Cousin, I dont think he is the best striker at the club and is definately looking for a way down south..

    Re the 3-5-1 formation. What you have to remember is that it is quite an attacking formation if you play attacking players on the wing, like Naismith and Burke etc. The formation can easily turn into a 4-3-3, with a main striker and two supporting forwards. I say that, but i do feel that Smith [plays that formation in a defensive mindset and to me, Rangers shouldnt be playing like that at home and letting teams come at us… Its asking for trouble as we have seen.

    Dunno anything about the Belgian, but i do agree that we need a quality stopper at the back as Weir should be phased out over the remainder of the season. Though if Stevie Smith comes back before the end of the season, Papac could move into his favoured role…

  197. Cousin is the best forward at the club by a mile.for me hes the best all round good pace, good in air ,strong as an ox,scores goals enough said,as for boyd if hes that good wheres the mega money bids in for him lol.

  198. Jonesy

    i agree with lithium. Cousin IS the best finisher at the club by a mile!! when boyd has played this season he has missed sitters left right and center. I would play cousin ahead of boyd every time. and when we finally get a fully fit darcheville he will be really good. its a shame he keeps getting niggly injuries all the time.

  199. Johnny

    Nah dont agree with you about Cousin. Watched him again yesterday and he was poor…..again. No first touch, no running off the ball and is only trying a bit harder this month for his ticket to the premiership.. Wheres the big money bids for Cousin if he is so good. He has intimated a desire to go so where are the takers and where were they when we got him? Look at his history: Lens 101 appearances 26 goals. That is very poor. He is strong and in flashes has some good runs, but thats not enough…

    Boyd: 66 games, 44 goals… No brainer. The guys confidence is shot and no wonder. I would go with Boyd and Darcheville. If, as you say Jonesy, Boyd has missed sitters left right and center, does that not also mean that, as he is still top scorer at the club, he is always in the right place at the right time?? Whilst not even getting a game?

    Yesterday.. we needed a goal and who does Smith bring on?? Novo…. Geezo….

  200. Jonesy

    Smith obviously has confidence in cousin and sees something in him and I think he knows the game a hell of a lot better than any of us. Its a question of trust. Do you trust walter smith to play the best team each week based on his vast knowledge of the game? I certainly do, he has not failed us so far.

    And as hard as it is for you lot to understand, we have not lost a league game in the last 10 games whilst winning 9 of them, and thats without boyd in the team. so answer me this, why change it? Just coz u lot want to see boyd jogging about his usual lazy self looking totally uninterested as well.

    Cousin has scored 3 in the last 4 games and you want to drop him. Give us a break!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. stuz

    Jonesy, watched the amazing game against Inverness at the weekend, we were awesome, lol.
    No-one tried on Sunday, it was the Gretna game all over again. As for Cousin, once again he only played for 15 mins in.
    Fair enough, he has scored 4 in 3 but is that enough for you ? Todays strikers need to do a LOT more than score goals.
    As for Boyd, his confidence HAS gone but he has spoken out of turn to Smith.

  202. Jonesy

    correct cousin doesnt do much more than score goals. even when boyd is full of confidence he still doesnt do anything more than score goals so who would you go with? the recent statistics show we should stick with cousin, although boyd may have to play soon if cousin leaves which looks likely

  203. callum

    i nearly agree wth ya stuz walters tactics were crap but normally there pretty good cousins going fulham and luke moore probz coming in

    and also daily

  204. callum

    cousin i think still aint intrested but has got better he has scored lots of fine goals but im with ya johnny i would prefer naismith and boyd up front because i cant get over hes goal record

  205. callum


  206. stuz

    Sorry Callum, i’m just not a fan of Burke.
    True, he’s been one of our better players recently but that doesn’t say a lot. He’s too light weight, can’t tackle & hasn’t really got a football brain.
    Dailly is way past it & Cousin will be making a big mistake if he goes to Fulham, they will get relegated but if it means Luke Moore coming in his place, i’m all for it.
    If the players mentioned ie Cousin & Hutton go & we didn’t bring anyone in, my team selection would be McGregor, Papac (although he’s not the answer), Cuellar, Weir (once again not the answer), Whittaker (but i’m not convinced by him), McCulloch, Ferguson, Hemdani(only because Thomson is injured), Either Naisnith or Novo, Darcheville & Boyd.
    As you can see it’s not a team who would strike fear in too many teams but it’s all we have.

  207. Jonesy

    I think although we are losing a striker in top form at the moment it is a good piece of business by rangers to make 2.3M profit on a player that joined 6 months ago.

    I dont think hutton will leave in January. He has made his mind up that he wants to win the title with rangers and I think he will leave in the summer possibly to man utd or spurs. I agree that burke is a bit lightweight and his tackling is not the best. But he is a really clever and tricky winger to play against. His direct running causes teams a lot of problems and I do not agree when you say he doesnt have a footballing brain, thats utter rubbish stuz!!!!

    I dont understand the mentality of people who keep having a go at david weir. He is nearly 38 and has played almost 50 games in a year which is a lot by anyones standards. Each game may become more of a challenge for him but his footballing brain makes up for his lack of pace

  208. stuz

    Johnny, all i ever wanted to do was give my opinion on tactics, personnel, etc, what i didn’t expect from so called Rangers fans was abuse.
    Everyones entitled their opinion, all i’m saying is i don’t think certain players are up to standard for R.F.C. As for me having a go at Smith, i just don’t approve with his tactics or selections.
    I KNOW what has been going on behind the scene at Ibrox, so i feel i have a right to give my opinion.
    When Cousin came, i thought it would be a good thing, especially for Boyd but Cousin has disappointed me lately with his lack of enthusiasm.
    Todays strikers NEED to do more than score goals, it is, after all a team game.

  209. footynut

    Why is everybody arguing ?
    This is meant to be a place where Rangers fans can talk to each other & give each other their opinions, without slagging each other off.
    Certain people should stop acting like little kids.

  210. Admin


    footynut is 100% correct.

    This blog is not a place to go throwing insults and abuse about. If you have to resort to name calling and using unacceptable language then you are not welcome and will be prevented from making further comments. There are a hundred other places you can go and do that. Be assured this isn’t one of them.

    I’m closing comments in this post and deleting the comments that stooped to using unacceptable language. You will still be free to comment on other posts – just not this one. That should put an end to this nonesense.

    Please remember, no swearing. It’s not allowed.